North Woods News Flash: The Eagle Has Landed!

Those of you who read about my “Wild Walk” in mid-February ( may recall my visit to an eagles’ nest. The nest is cradled in the branches of a tall pine on the north shore of the peninsula where my cabin sits. It’s been occupied on and off since I began watching it in 2014. It was empty that year, then in 2015, two eagles fledged from the nest. In 2016 and 2017, one eagle fledged each year. I haven’t seen any eagles there since—until today!

I was walking along an old path through the woods, a short distance from the nest, when I heard high-pitched chattering overhead. I looked up to see an eagle in flight. (For majestic looking birds, eagles’ vocalizations are surprisingly wimpy-sounding.) The eagle landed on the branch of a nearby pine and perched there briefly before flying off.

I just had to check out the pine with the nest. I headed to the shore and walked to a spot where I could get a good look at it. To my delight, the eagle (or possibly its mate) was there. The eagle took off but remained in the vicinity, circling the nest tree, returning to perch on a branch just above the nest. The eagle flew off, returned again briefly, and was airborne when I headed home to watch the sunset from my shore.

I will be following activity at the nest over the coming weeks. Is there a mated pair at the nest? Will there be chicks? Only time will tell …

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