Celebrate the new season with my new book!

Today is the last official day of winter – tomorrow is the Spring Equinox! To celebrate this new season of returning life, Achor Earth Ways is launching online sales of my photo book, Living Every Season: A Mindful Year in the Maine Woods. It’s available at https://www.wendyweiger.com/photo-book/.

As you turn the pages, I’ll guide you through the annual cycle of four vividly distinct seasons in Maine’s North Woods. We’ll find unexpected beauty in the frigid white winter; rejoice in the long, slow reawakening of spring; savor the lush green summer; and revel in the glorious, almost impossibly bright autumn that fades, inexorably, into the austerity of another winter. As we journey together, we’ll open our minds, our hearts, and all our senses to the experience of each moment.

Photos range from dramatic vistas of mountains, lakes, and skies to small details casual observers might miss: the delicacy of maple blossoms scattered on spring snow; the earthy colors and rich patterns of a fungus digesting a decaying log; the grace of a shadow cast by small leaves onto a trailside stone. My accompanying text interweaves science and art to provide a multilayered interpretation of the images.

My hope is that this book will enhance your sense of wonder and will help you connect more deeply with the natural world around you, wherever you may live.

I invite you to listen to me read a short passage.

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