Pemaquid Sunrise

Last week, I spent a night at Pemaquid Point, best known as the home of the iconic lighthouse featured on the Maine state quarter. I believe it’s also a strong candidate for the best spot in Maine to watch the sun rise above the ocean. A spectacular sunrise depends on clouds: just enough to provide a richly textured canvas for the dawn to paint, but not so many that the colors are trapped behind a sullen gray wall. As I eased my way down a shadowy cliff not long after 4 AM, I thought the sky showed potential. But it’s impossible to know how the show will unfold until it actually happens …

4:29 AM. Dawn kindles in the northeastern sky.
5:02 AM. The gray clouds in the foreground, in contrast with a growing brilliance along the horizon, struck me as a hopeful metaphor for these troubled times.
5:07 AM. A close-up of dawn colors, changing from second to second as Maine turns toward the sun.
5:08 AM. A flood of color washes up into the sky and spills onto the sea below.
5:10 AM. The colors intensify as sunrise approaches.
5:15 AM. The light concentrates where the sun will emerge above the horizon.
5:22 AM. A new day has begun.

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