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My home is a cabin deep in the Maine Woods. I invite you to join me as I experience the joys and challenges of remote, off-the-grid living—and as I roam the woods in search of new wonders—by reading the blog posts below and by subscribing to my blog.

In the spring of 2019, I hiked the easternmost segment of the coast-to-coast American Discovery Trail, starting on the Delaware shore and heading to West Virginia, teaching and learning along the way. You can jump directly to the story of this two-month pilgrimage by clicking here.

— Wendy Weiger, Achor Earth Ways Founder

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Blog: Walking with Wendy

The Maine Woods are the realm of moose and lynx, eagles and brook trout, rugged mountains and whitewater rivers. In nighttime satellite photos, the forest is a large black island of darkness that stands in sharp contrast to the white froth of human lights all around. There are millions of acres to explore. From 2011-2019, I shared my wanderings through this wild-feeling region in photo-essays that I posted on Facebook; you will find a sampling here.  I chronicle my adventures from 2020 onward in my blog below.

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    North Woods News Flash: The Eagle Has Landed!

    Those of you who read about my “Wild Walk” in mid-February (https://www.wendyweiger.com/wild-walk/) may recall my visit to an eagles’ nest. The nest is cradled in the branches of a tall pine on the north shore of the peninsula where my cabin sits. It’s been occupied on and off since I began watching it in 2014....
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    Mud and Water

    As the calendar turned to mid-March, I watched weather predictions closely. I knew that sometime over the next few weeks, mud season would arrive. For anyone living deep in the Maine Woods, mud season is the most challenging time of year. Travel ranges from difficult to impossible. Water access routes are closed: the remaining ice...
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    Celebrate the new season with my new book!

    Today is the last official day of winter – tomorrow is the Spring Equinox! To celebrate this new season of returning life, Achor Earth Ways is launching online sales of my photo book, Living Every Season: A Mindful Year in the Maine Woods. It’s available at https://www.wendyweiger.com/photo-book/. As you turn the pages, I’ll guide you...
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    A Hike up Shaw Mountain – and Survival on the Trail

    Last week, I wrote about the basic necessities for survival in the woods: fire, shelter, water. I focused on fire, and promised to dive more deeply into the subject of water (pun intended) in a future post. First, though, I’d like to invite you on a hike, to enjoy some fresh air and new scenery....
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