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My home is a cabin deep in the Maine Woods. I invite you to join me as I experience the joys and challenges of remote, off-the-grid living—and as I roam the woods in search of new wonders—by reading the blog posts below and by subscribing to my blog.

In the spring of 2019, I hiked the easternmost segment of the coast-to-coast American Discovery Trail, starting on the Delaware shore and heading to West Virginia, teaching and learning along the way. You can jump directly to the story of this two-month pilgrimage by clicking here.

— Wendy Weiger, Achor Earth Ways Founder

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Blog: Walking with Wendy

The Maine Woods are the realm of moose and lynx, eagles and brook trout, rugged mountains and whitewater rivers. In nighttime satellite photos, the forest is a large black island of darkness that stands in sharp contrast to the white froth of human lights all around. There are millions of acres to explore. From 2011-2019, I shared my wanderings through this wild-feeling region in photo-essays that I posted on Facebook; you will find a sampling here.  I chronicle my adventures from 2020 onward in my blog below.

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    A 2023 Eaglet!

    Since 2014, I’ve been watching an eagles’ nest. It’s cradled in the boughs of a tall pine, above the North Inlet of First Roach Pond, about four tenths of a mile from my cabin. Over those years, the resident adults have raised six eaglets. In 2021, I followed the progress of the eagle family closely,...
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    Thoreau-Wabanaki Festival: A Guide to Solo Wilderness Travel (July 21, 2023)

    The Thoreau-Wabanaki Festival is an annual gathering in Greenville, at the southern tip of Moosehead Lake, the gateway to Maine’s North Woods. The festival celebrates the lifeways of the Wabanaki, the people indigenous to the land now known as Maine. It commemorates Henry David Thoreau’s three journeys in the Maine Woods, two of which began...
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    Idaho Adventure: Saint Gertrude’s Monastery, Spring 2023

    Mud season in northern Maine, when trails are impassible and waterways are slowly thawing, is a good time for traveling to other climes. On April 11, I set off for a month as a volunteer at the Center for Benedictine Life at the Monastery of Saint Gertrude in Cottonwood, Idaho (https://stgertrudes.org/). The story of Saint...
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    My Journey Through Winter

    Early-spring greetings! The winter has surely flown by. In the Maine Woods, one week past the Spring Equinox, there is still snow on the ground, and lakes remain solidly frozen. However, we’ve transitioned into what I call “maple syrup” weather. Daytime temperatures rise well into the thirties – sometimes even into the low forties –...
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