A gift for your favorite nemophilist

You may be asking, what is a nemophilist? According to Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913), a nemophilist is “One who is fond of forest or forest scenery; a haunter of the woods.” This delightful word has fallen out of use over the past century. I vote to bring it back – it suits me perfectly, and I’m betting it suits many of my blog readers too.

My book Living Every Season: A Mindful Year in the Maine Woods is a wonder-full gift for the nemophilists in your life (or for yourself!). Photos range from dramatic vistas of mountains, lakes, and skies to small details casual observers might miss: the delicacy of maple blossoms scattered on spring snow; the earthy colors and rich patterns of a fungus digesting a decaying log; the grace of a shadow cast by small leaves onto a trailside stone. The accompanying text interweaves science and art to provide a multilayered interpretation of the images.

You may purchase Living Every Season online at https://www.wendyweiger.com/photo-book/. It’s also available at several stores in Greenville and Monson: the Corner Shop, Northwoods Outfitters, Indian Hill Trading Post, and the Monson General Store.

I send warm wishes to all my readers for abundant blessings this Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season. May you find some time amidst all the busy-ness to get out and “haunt the woods”!

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