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Living Every Season: A Mindful Year in the Maine Woods

Living Every Season guides readers through the annual cycle of four vividly distinct seasons in the Maine Woods: the frigid white winter; the long, slow reawakening of spring; the lush green summer; and the glorious, almost impossibly bright autumn that fades, inexorably, into the austerity of another winter. Photos range from dramatic vistas of mountains, lakes, and skies to small details casual observers might miss: the delicacy of maple blossoms scattered on spring snow; the earthy colors and rich patterns of a fungus digesting a decaying log; the grace of a shadow cast by small leaves onto a trailside stone. The accompanying text interweaves science and art to provide a multilayered interpretation of the images. This book will enhance readers’ sense of wonder and will help to open their eyes and their hearts to the natural world around them, wherever they may live. (Seven by seven inches, softcover, 73 pages.)

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Living Every Season